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Next, enter the length, width, and estimated depth of area you're covering and filling with stone.

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Please note that this is an estimate and different surfaces require different quantities of stone

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Submit your project info to one of our stone experts and we'll get in touch to discuss timeline, price, and material choice within a business day.

How to Order

Interested in how to best prepare for a delivery of stone from Frazier Quarry? Check out the video below.

Take a measurement of the project area you wish to fill with stone so that you can provide a square foot estimate.

Once you have a measurement with estimated square footage, contact us to let us know about your project, ask questions, and share any concerns you have. We’ll offer advice and additional options to help meet your needs, or come out to scout your site if needed. This is included in the free consultation we offer all of our customers, as we want your project to be successful.

Coordinate delivery (see below for what to expect with delivery). Although we can more than likely accommodate your delivery on the same day of placing the order, we prefer to have 1-2 day lead time.

If you plan on paying with a credit card, be prepared to give us the number over the phone.

Let us know of any specials or discount codes you have to redeem (if any).

Be prepared to meet the truck driver on site at time of delivery.

Delivery Expectations

Frazier Quarry and our delivery partners work with you to find the best solution for the delivery of your stone. We can help you with placement and spreading of stone if the site conditions are right and you let us know what you need when ordering.


Know Your Site Conditions
We don’t want to damage your property with our truck, and we must ensure the safety of both our driver and truck.

Please think about the following before you order stone for your job site.

  1. Are there any overhead electric lines or tree limbs? The truck is twice as tall with the bed raised!
  2. Is the ground level? The truck can easily tip over when the heavy bed is raised on uneven ground.
  3. Is the ground soft from recent rain, or swampy?
  4. Are there any buried pipes or septic lines that the heavy truck might break?

What to Expect on Delivery

Here is what you can expect when your stone is delivered and how drivers may be able to help you:


Your stone will be delivered in a LARGE dump truck.


Expect the driver to stay on site no more than 10-15 minutes.


Tailgate Spreading: Drivers adjust how far the tailgate opens with a chain. This allows them to control the thickness of the ribbon of stone they can spread on a driveway. Just ask the driver if you need your stone spread. Tailgate spreading must be requested at the time of order to ensure we send a truck with the ability to do so.


Block Spreading: Drivers can adjust the tailgate to spread stone just along the wheel tracks of your rural lane, allowing you to extend the coverage of stone along the lane by approximately one third. Block spread covers approximately 30” on either side, with an untouched 24” strip in the middle. Please request block spreading when you order to ensure we are prepared when we deliver.


Multiple Piles: It’s okay to ask the driver to dump multiple, smaller piles to add to your convenience, as long as they are on the same site. Know your site’s conditions and be reasonable in your expectations of where the large truck can maneuver.

We Cannot:

Deliver more than one product at a time in the same truck.
Drive over bridges that support less than the loaded truck’s weight.
Allow our drivers to shovel or rake stone on the job site.

Still have questions? We can help!

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