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Safety & Sustainability

The most important task of a TFQ team member’s day is to get home to their families after a day of work. Our operations have large equipment, fast moving machinery, and powerful energy sources that must be navigated with caution.

We exercise the same caution with our environment. As a company who lives in the area in which it operates we fully understand the responsibility to be good stewards of this land and preserve quality of life for future generations.

Staying Safe in a Rigorous Environment

Keeping our workers safe is paramount to Frazier Quarry. We accomplish this through on the job training that exceeds regulatory requirements, as well as task training by competent instructors to ensure that we know how to detect danger and look out for each other.

All newly hired team members are initially put through a training pipeline before stepping foot onsite. Training can include:

  • Part 46 New Miner/New Hire Experienced Miner training
  • Site Specific Hazard Awareness
  • Task Training
  • HAZCOM training
  • Annual Refresher Training
  • General Mineral Miner Training
  • Surface Foreman Certification

Ongoing safety efforts include weekly toolbox talks, safety audits, and celebratory events when goals are achieved. These serve to engage team members and get them focused on their number one goal.

Environmental Responsibility

The use of crushed stone in our community is paramount to its growth. When you drive down a roadway, inhabit a home, or walk down a sidewalk you are benefiting from the extraction of materials from your local rock quarry. Crushed stone also has many environmental uses and benefits including:

  • Erosion control and slope protection.
  • pH balance in soils used for agriculture.
  • Water filtration, sewage control, wastewater control and drinking water purification.

Learn more about our safety & sustainability efforts.

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